Upon which the Pastor signified his acques

    cence with the Church and Town in his dismi

    ssion from the work of the Gospel Ministry

    in this place

    Final of John Robinson as Pastor

    At half past eleven the Church Voted to ad

    journ the meeting to one o clock P.M this



    Attest John Robinson Pastor

    At half past three o clock P.M October the

    first One Thousand Eight Hundred and

    seven the Council went into the meeting

    House when the result of the Council was

    read and the Moderator of the Council

    call’d upon the Church to know if they

    accepted the result of the Council which

    passed in the affirmative.___ He then asked

    the Pastor if he acquesced which he signif

    ied that he did

    Attest John Robinson Pastor

    Immediately after the Chh had ac-

    cepted the result of the council ___ and

    the Pastor had signified his acquiescence

    the moderator of the council, declared

    the pastoral & ministerial connection

    between the Reverend John Robinson

    and the Church & People in Westborough

    to be


    A Prayer by

    the moderator of the council, closed the



    After the Council had retired, the

    Church tarried upon the adjournment

    and Deacon Hawes, being the Eldest