Chh Record  .  .  .  .  .  .

    Sept 26. 1786  Chh Met Acording to

    adjournment to wait on ^ye Report a Committee

    Chosen to prepare an Admonition for

    Br Danl Adams, the Meeting being

    opened and but few present. . ___

    Voted ^this Meeting Still Stand adjourned to the next

    preparetory Lecture preceeding the next

    Communion. for the Affresaid purpose

    which carrys it to the 1st of Novr next

    at which Time the Chh Tarry ^after Lecture and

    adjourn to the 22 Instt 2 oClk PM. & Vote the

    Clerk write Br Adams & Request him to Attend and

    that th Chh will hear him if he has any theng to offer

    Novr 4  Lord Supper Adminestred and

    Joseph, of John & Mehetable Fay.

    Thomas Eliot. of Ths & Hannah Andrews.&

    Lucy of Fortunatus & Elezebeth Miller.

    were Baptized by Revd Elisha Fish __

    Novr 22. the Chh Met according to adjourn-

    ment. Br Adams present wanted & requested

    the Chh should agree to Refer  m atters betwen

    him & ye Chh to a Committee. the Chh supposd

    they had none to Refer; but that the Matter

    was between him & his Wife; but the

    meeting being very thin the buseness

    of Admonition was postponed and the

    Meeting adjourned by Vote of the Chh

    to the Monday the 18th of Decr next

    2 oCk PM

    for that purpose ___ & Br Adams

    Requested to attend by ye member present