__Chh _ Records.


    Nov. 11. The Request of ye Rev. Mr

    Joseph Bowman to have his Relation

    to this Chh transferrd to ye Chh in Ox-

    ford, Voted; & yt he be recommended.

    __ 25. Amity & Hananiah, Childr. of Simon

    & Bridget Newton, who had ownd ye Covt (as

    they inform me) one at Bedford, & ye other at

    Southborò. But acknowledgd their neglect of

    their Duty as to ye Baptism of yeir Childr. & yt yy

    were sorry for it. And if (bec: of ye Distance of

    Bedford) a Certificat be insisted for; yet it was

    requested it might be done on ye womans acct

    Rev. Mr Stone having given (orally) his Testi-

    mony concg her.  It was proposd to ye Chh &

    no Objectn ____

    NB. The Lords Supper had been administred


    the same Day.

    Decr 16. Sarah, of Edmd & Hannah Rice, baptd

    Jan. 13. 1765. Hannah, of Jonn & Hannah Rice, baptd


    20. Seth, of Joseph & Sarah Grout, bapt.

    27. Ephraim Brigham, of Elijah and

    Martha Hardy, baptizd

    Feb. 3. John Wood & Martha his Wife, were

    admitted into full Communion.

    10. Molly, of Jno & Martha Wood, bapt.

    17. Aaron, of Danl junr & Persis Forbes, bapt.

    March 17 ^ Hannah of Benj. & Hannah Tainter,

    ^ Sacrt of ye

    Sarah, of Edmund & Sarah Brigham    bapt.

    supper admd

    Apr. 14. Josiah of Phinehas & Azuba Gleason, bapt.

      ____ 28. The Lords Supper was admind


    May. 12. John Forbes & Susanna his Wife

    offerd their Confessions of ye Sin of For-

    nication & were restord to Charity; ownd

    ye Covt & their Children Sarah & John

    were baptiz’d.



    ^ Apr. 18.  Contribution for Deacon Charles Woods of

    Warwick __ gatherd 30£ 2d old Tenr wc was deli-

    verd him Apr. 25. of wc he gave a Receipt.