___Chh - Records___

    27. The Case of Pelatiah Metcalfe,

    who lies in a dangerous Languishmt

    was laid before the Chh; and he having

    ^ last

    been ^ propounded in order to his joining

    Lds Day,

    in full Communion with this Chh, and his

    ^ was men-

    illness ^ greatly increasing upon him, ___

    tiond, & yt

    (after LectƐ) ye Chh voted to adjourn

    it was very

    to ye House of Brr Benj. Hills, wre ye sd Met-

    unlikely yt

    calf resides & is confind, that we may at-

    he wd con-

    tend upon his profession of Religion

    tinue to

    and his admission into ye Chh; and to

    or usual

    resort there immediately after ye Blessing

    Time for

    is given __ our Custom in this Chh of

    Psons in

    persons Standing propounded, ordinarily,


    a fortnight, notwthstanding. _____

    But now

    The Chh accordingly repaired

    his Distem-

    to said Brr Hills __ and ye abovemen-


    tioned Pelatiah Metcalf was ad-

    mitted to ye Chh by an unanimous



    31. The Lords Supper was administred.

    Aug. 14. John, of Barnabas & Eunice

    Newton, baptizd by Rev. Mr Martyn

    ======  31. The Chh were Stopd in Comply-

    ance with the Request of a Number of the Bre

    thren, exhibited in a Paper signd by,

    John Belknap

    Ebenr Chamberlin

    Danl Forbush &

    Abijah Gale. ^:

    The Purpose thereof was, to have ye ^Chh Confer


    ^: & in behalf of Several others,

    who were consenting to it.