_Chh Records


    27. Solomon & Sarah Baker admitt-

    ed into ye Chh.

    The Lds Supper was administred __


    Ebenezer, of John & Ruth Belknap &

    Sarah, of Solomon & Sarah Baker


    Aug. 3. Moses, of Moses & Persis Warrin, bapt.

    30. Mindwell, of Levi & Susanna Brigham,

    Joanna, Jonathan & Joanna Fay __


    & Sarah, wife of Cornelius Biglow junr

    was admitted into Chh Fellowship.

    Sept. 7. Asahel & Lucy, of Cornelius junr

    & Sarah Biglow, were baptizd by ye Rev.

    Mr John Martyn.

    10. After ye Lecture ye Chh met upon

    the Affairs which had heretofore been men-

    tiond to ym & left to Consideration. viz

    First, relating to John & Jane-King, Maynd’s

    Child, taken to be brought up by Joseph_

    & Katharine Joslin __ It was proposd to

    ye Chh whether that Child shd be baptizd

    on the acct of those mentiond Foster Parents ___

    and it passd in the Affirmative.

    Secondly, the affair of Mr Saml Fay junr

    his Delinquincy __ after Some Debates, it

    was voted yt ye same Commtee yt went to him be-

    fore go again, and ye Pastor with them to

    see whether there was any misunderstandg

    before; and whether yy can’t be instrument-

    tal to effect a Reconcilemt & bring him

    to his Duty.    Then ye Chh was dismissd wth


    NB This meetg was notifyd by ye Rev. Mr Martyn

    last Lords Day, at ye Desire of ye Pastor. ____

    14. The Lords Supper was adminstred.

    & Joseph Joslin & Katharine his Wife stood before