The Chh waited some time and debated the matter

    whether it Should be now heard or no ___ and

    it was resolvd to put off the hearing till all the

    witnesses might be present ___ wrupon the Meeting

    was adjourn’d to this Day Sennight & So were

    dismissd wth Prayer & Blessing ________

    17th The Chh met & after supplication en-

    :terd again into ye forementiond Debate &

    witnesses were brought by Rice for his Defense

    agst Newton__ and long & Tedious Debates fol

    :lowd & continued late into ye Evg but never yeless

    newssless ___ and we were obligd to adjourn

    to Monday come fortnight ______

    Sept. 4. The Chh met together again upon

    adjournmt to Consider further ye Case of Peres

    Rice. The Debates were renew’d, (Supplicn having

    been first attended) And upon ye whole hearing

    of the Case, illustrated by all Partys, Witnesses

    and Circumstances the Chh appeard of ye mind

    yt Charity might be extended towards our Brother

    as to his Intentions, yt yy they were not with perverse

    Design to Deceive, but that his Expressions were

    not well conducted.  And upon his making (a

    written) acknowledgmt to that effect he was re

    Stord  The Votes were 12 agst 6 for his acceptce

    and restoration ________

    Sept. 17.  Mary Beton enterd into ye Christian

    Profession, and was baptizd  & Isaac, son of

    Isaac & Jemima Tomlin was likewise baptized.

    24. Mary, dauter of Danl Warrin, was baptized.

    Octob. 1.  Eunice Flagg, by virtue of a Dis=

    =mission from West-Waterton, was admitted