Chh __ Records  _____



    Jany 14 1789 Chh Mett According to Adjournment

    at the house Appointed for the Convension

    of the Ordaining Council. at which time

    & place Mr John Robinson. exhibited

    to the Chh. his Relation to and Dismisi

    -on from the Chh of Christ at Newhaven

    -and Offering himself. was by a Unani-

    mous Vote Recived into Communion and

    Fellowship with the Chh of Christ in

    this place ___ and the Meeting was dissolved

    This last prceeding Record should have

    been made before any mention

    was made. of Ordination. but was

    Inadvertantly Omitted _____

    Att  Elijah  Brigham  Clerk