Chh – Records.


    June 9. The Lords Supper administrd

    July 14. Amasa, of Cornels junr & Sarah

    Biglow, was baptiz’d.


    28. The Sacrt ^ was admind ___

    ^ of the

    Aug. 4. Winslow, of Hananiah & Abigl parker, bapt.

    Lds Sup-

    ___  18. Ezra, of Saml & Eliz. Fay


    & Amasa, of Joseph &       Morse


    NB These last parents had ownd ye Covt

    at Hopkinton


    Sept. 8. The Lords Supper was administrd

    ___ 29. Samuel of Barachias & Zerv. Morse, bap.

    Oct. 6. Molly, of James & Mary Bowman, bap.

    John Cushing was admitted into full

    Communion with this Chh.

    Ordn at

    The Chh was Stayd to hear & act up-


    on a Letter from the Chh of Christ in

    ^ containg

    Westminster ^ to assist in the


    Ordinn of Mr Asaph Rice, on Oct. 16th

    Voted Compliance with ye Request.

    Voted that Two be No of Delegates.

    Voted that Brr Danl Hardy be one.

    Voted that Brr Zebulun Rice be

    the other ___ The Blessing concluded.


    Oct. 20. Administd ye Lords Supper.

    Nov. 10. Luther, of Ebr & Sarah Maynd bapt.

    ___ 17. John, of Adonijah & Hanh Rice, bapt.

    NB. A Fast was proposd, on Considn of the

    present Distresses in ye Colonys; & Consented to.

    It was accordingly appointed ___ to be next

    Wednesday come Sennight.

    27. Was observd as a Fast in ys Parish.

    Rev. Mr Stone of Southb. prayd & preachd

    a.m. his Text was Ps. 96.10, 11, 12.

    Rev. Mr Sumner prayd & preachd p.m. his

    Text was Josh. 7. 13. The L. accept or offg!