11. The Chh (by appointmt) came together upon

    5th Chh

    ye instant Request of John McCollister & Asher Rice.


    The Bus’ness was to Consider whether ye Case of Those

    persons Complaining of Josiah Newton’s deceiving ym

    in his administration in ye office of Military Clerk,


    Shall be lookd upon and accounted, as it now stands,

    a proper Cause for the Chh to hear.

    We began wth Solemn & Earnest invocation of ye Name

    of God & his Gracious Direction & Assistance.

    The Chh had in ye Next place a serious and warm Discourse

    offerd ym by ye Pastor tending to & pressing ye ^ absence of


    ye Momentousness & authority of Chh Meetings & ye Very good

    or very Evil Aspect yy may have on ye Chh, ye awfull acct to be

    given in to ye grt Lord & Supream Bishop, of our Behavr and

    managemt while together in this manr The Fatal mis

    :chiefs of Divisions, ye Necessity of Caution in these Contenti

    :ous Times, especially while undr ye awfull Rebukes of Heaven:  upon ye whole, yt we ought to keep or S. undr ye narrowest watch

    and carefully observe ye Rules of ye Platform of Chh Discipline

    it being ye foundation yt we (as yet) are upon _________

    The 10th ch: of ye Platform from SS 5 being read, we pro=

    :ceeded to ye Affair.  After Some debate, none being a

    :ble to ^ [-----] but yt it must be lookd upon as a mixt case &


    it appearing most Regular yt ye Civil part of ye Cause shd

    be discussd first, ye Pastor proposd yt it might be managd

    by an arbitration (agreeable to wt ye Apostle Said in

    1 Cor: 6,4,5)

    and yt as it was brought in by ye Arbitrators we shd pro

    :ceed to it in an Ecclesiasticall way if it shd be found needfull.

    This proposall was accepted. & thus this case was dismissd

    Another Affair was also brought before ye Chh at ys

    meeting. The Pastor took their Advice in wt would be

    most warrantable and Regular to be done in ye Case of

    Samuel Hardy & his wife who desird baptism for yir

    Child born Three dayes within Seven Months after ye parents’

    Marriage. No opposition was made to proceeding to grant

    ye Priviledge, ye Circumstances of ye fright it was declard ye

    mother was in, occasioning ^ ye hasty birth, together with

    as was believd

    their serious Declaration yt yy were innocent, being all

    ye satisfaction ye Chh could have in a Case of this nature.

    Recommending our S. to ye Conduct of Heaven by

    Prayr & Thanksgiving, ye Meeting Concluded.____

    ____21. ^ Eleazar Bellows & Sarah his

    ^ Being

    wife upon Confession of the Sin of


    Fornication, were restored and admit


    :ted into our Communion. _________

    April 1. The Chh came together, and

    6th Chh

    Supplications having been made ^ the



    ^ to Heaven.

    (See yt Articles

    of yt Prayer

    at ys meeting, at

    ye close of ys Parag)