Chh Records. .  _____

    April 7. 1785. Being a Day of

    Fasting and Prayer. __ After the

    Public Exercises. The Chh Tarry

    and Appoint a Meeting to be at ye

    Meeting House on ye 12 Instant at

    2 oClock P.M. agreeable to the request

    of Deacon James Hawes. for the purpose

    of hearing Rehearsed some Matter of

    Difficulty taken place between said

    Hawes and the Select Men of Westboro.

    in adjusting an a/c in favor of

    Adonijah Rice for whom ye Select Men

    were Agents.__ The Chh Convene at

    the Time appointed being ye 12 of Aprl

    1 Voted that the Selectmen Relate ovr

    what Transpired between them & D Hawes

    Br Seth Morse Observed first. that

    Adonijah Rice having furnished ye

    SelectMen with apower of Attorney

    (for ye purpose) they went to Settle some

    Matters of Interest in favor of said

    Rice Lodged in ye hand of Deac Hawes

    said Hawes Exhibited his account

    and Asked ye Selectmen how they.