Janry 9. Martha, of Benj. & Martha Fay.

    Chh Meeting.

    _____ 26. The Chh met and after Prayer


    Read a paper from Cornelius Cook in wch

    Cornelius Cook.

    he acknowledgd that he had hopd he was truly

    humble & sensible of his Sin of false speaking

    in profane Swearing and prayd God and

    his people to forgive him &c. __

    After Reading the Said paper he was askd

    whether he had any thing to say upon it__

    ^ (in Substance)

    and he told the Chh ^ that he doubted whether

    he was in a State of Grace at ye time of his

    taking Said Oath, & was in Doubt whether

    he ought to take it: but insisted that he was

    not guilty of taking it in the manner that

    the Chh had understood it; was in no passion

    &c, but as well as he could in the fear of God __

    ^ Family

    as an act of worship: But as all his ^ prayers,

    public attendances &c were then profane, so

    was this also, and he could not judge it any

    otherwise &c  Upon wc the Chh debated

    and then came to were passd the following Votes:

    1. That If the Chh was S If the Confes

    :sion offerd by Cornelius Cook was satis

    factory they were desird to manifest it

    by lifting up their hands.

    To wc No Hand was seen

    2. If it was ye Chhs mind to defer further

    proceeding with him by way of Censure

    for the present out of Tenderness and Com=

    :passion to him.


    Voted Freely ___

    This affair being dispatchd

    The present Times, which are full of Religs

    Commotions were Considerd; & yt we might

    obtain ye Blessing & avoid ye Snares the Chh

    were very ready to vote, & did so, that we

    observe a Day of Solemn Fasting & prayer

    & yt it be, God willing, this day sennight.

    Then The Meeting Concluded wth prayer & Blessing.

    Feb. 2. Was offered as a Day Humilln & prayr

    Mr Smith a.m on Act. 2. 37.  Mr Barrett p.m on Joh. 10.

    27. 28.