1746.             Chh=Records. Viz. of ye 1st Chh in Westb.

    May 18. Jonas Child, Sarah Forbush (the

    wife of (Capt.) Samuel Forbush) & Sibil

    wife of (ye foresaid) Jonas Child, were admitted

    into Chh Fellowship.

    ___25. The Lords Supper was asministd


    __June 1. Jonas & Isaac, of Jonas & Sibil

    Child, were baptized. __________

    ___ 15. Mercy of John & Mercy Chamberlin

    was baptized.

    ___ 29. Ruth, of Josiah & Thankf. Rice, bapt

    July 13. Joseph, of Phin. & Prudence Hardy, bapt.

    The Lords Supper having been administerd


    the Same Day ______

    ___ 27. Mary, of Edward & Persis Baker, bapt.

    Aug. 17. The ^ Chh was stoppd to acquaint ym wth

    ^ Brethren

    ye Desires of a No of ye Sisters of ye Chh wo dwell

         of ye

    in ye North part of ye Town to be dismissd. viz

    Tabitha Eager, Mary Halloway, Rebecca Hayward,

    Margt McAllister, Abigail Livermore, Mercy Dow-

    -sing, Hannah Fay, Anna Rice, Bethiah Brigham,

    Dinah Goodenow, Jemima Caruth, Sarah Billing.

    But Since it was not improbable yt yre wd be some

    Debate - this affair was put off till next Thursday af-

    ter Lecture. _____

    21. The Brethren of ye Chh were detaind upon the


    Requests of ye Sisters above mentiond; and after

    were dismissd

    Some debate, yy were granted, but wth ys proviso yt yre

    be something inserted in their Dismissions touching

    yeir Delinquency wc we have observd of late, wth an

    Exhortn & Caution ^ to ym respecting ye Time to Come. _____

    24. The sacrt of ye Lords Supper was administred.


    Sept. 14. Aaron, of Wm & Sarah Pierce, baptizd.

    Oct. 5. The Lords Supper was administred