May 16. Samuel, of Simon & Rebecca Tainter,

    Ruth, of Seth & Dorothy Rice,


    Lucy, of Thomas & Persis Goodenow

    June 3. Jonathan & Judith Bellows, Aaron

    Forbush, Ruth (wife of Stephen) Fay; and

    Ebenezer Chamberlain (^dismissd from the

    ^ this last

    Chh of Cht in Newton) were all admitted into


    our Communion; [althô it was Lecture Day

    yet there having been some particular occurrences

    wc occasioned it the Chh manifested yeir satis=

    :faction herein.]

    ____ 6. Brother Samuel Hardy offered a

    Confession for his ^ being instrumental in

    ^ writing

    uttering forth, divers verses to the Defama

      & so

    :tion and Reproach of ye Com̄mittee wc the Town

    had improvd to search out who Cut ye Pulpit

    Cusheon; and to ye Reproach of divers other

    persons __ See Novemb. 23. 1735. pag. 38.

    This Confession was read, and he was restored.~~

    __ Sarah Billing (wife of Thomas Billing) was

    admitted into Chh Fellowship:

    The Sacrament of ye Lords Supper was adm.


    & Adam, son of Gershom & Hannah Fay was baptizd

    _____  13 . Sarah, of Saml & Tabitha Hardy

    bapt. by

    Abner, of Jonas & Eliz. Warrin

    Rev. Mr

    Comfort, of Jonn & Judith Bellows


    ____ 29. The Chh came together  upon these fol

    :lowing Matters & Requests _


    1. At ye Request of ye chh in Rutland yt

    at Rutland.