:more, was baptized. ______

    Apr. 19.  Hannah, Dauter of

    William & Mary Holloway;

    was baptized. _______

    May 8. Seth, Son of James & Sarah

    Miller, was baptized. ____


    May 24. The Sacramt of ye Lords

    Supper was administered.  Deacon Fay

    having first desird his acknowledgmt or

    brief Confession, should be read, for his

    irregular Conduct on May 3d last when

    attempting a speech to ye Congregation af-

    :ter ye usual Exercises were finished (wch acomp

    ^ Zealously &

    how ^ innocently Soever it could Charitably be

    Supposd to be Meant, was neveryeless very

    imprudent and of ill tendency, for) he

    was immediately answered by Lieut Forbush

    __ He again replyd with expressions of Passion

    ^ on both sides

    ate heat ___ upon which issued much Disturbance ^

    ^ even

    altogether Criminall, & ^ Surprising, upon the

    ^ so presently

    Lords Day & ^ after or holy imploymt ________

    The Deacon’s acknt being read in ye Congregn

    ye Chh (to whom it was directed) voted an ac-

    :ceptance of him, [-----]-[---]-[----] & compleat

    ^ (privately)

    :ly restored him.  NB. The Lieut thô exhorted ^ yrto made none ^

    ^ Howbeit he was

    P.M. Mehitabel, the Daûter of James

    not less in ye Dis=

    & Mehitabel Cutler, was baptized. _____

    :turbance yn ye

    June 14.  Hannah, The Daûter of Eli


    :ezar and Hannah Beeman; Sarah ye

    Daûter of David & Dinah Goodenow, &

    Persis Dauter of Samuel junr & Delive

    :rance Fay, were baptized. _________

    _____21. Isaac, son of Joseph and Ka:

    :tharine Joslin, was baptized. ~\_____

    _____24. Thankfull, Daûter of Samuel Harring

    :ton, (wo had ownd ye Covenant at Weston & submitted