try in this place. ___

    Voted that the Council be desired to convene on

    Thursday October the First at 9 o clock. A.M.

    Voted to adjourn the meeting to the day that

    the Council convene.___ _Oct Viz October the

    first at 9 o clock. A.M. ___



    The Church met upon the adjournment when


    the Church Voted to dismiss and recommend the

    Pastor the Revd John Robinson and Nabby

    his wife according to the form following Viz ___

    Westborough October the first One Thous

    and Eight hundred and Sevin ___

    This certifies that the Revd John

    Robinson and Nabby his wife have been

    heretofore admitted as members in full

    communion with this Church, and continued

    in regular and good standing in the same,

    and have conducted themselves agreeably to

    their Christian profession.___ In compliance

    with their own request they have by a Vote

    this day passed been regularly dismiss’d

    from their particular relation to this

    Church, and are hereby recommended

    to occasional watch and communion, and

    also to stated watch communion and fellow-

    ship with the Church of Christ in general in

    all Gospel ordinances and institutions, and

    particularly to the occasional watch and

    communion as will as to the stated watch

    communion and fellowship of any Church

    to which they shall or may at any future

    time wish to join themselves.___ And when

    they shall be received into the holy fellowship

    and communion, and placed under the watch

    of any regular Church of Christ we shall

    consider their particular relation to us

    dissolved.  ___

    Attest John Robinson Pastor

    in the Name and by a Vote of the Brethren

    Octo 12 1807 on Revd Mr Robinsons request. I gave him a Coppy of

                                his, & his wifes Dismission, as on this page  BP. Clerk