to the injurious [Express] & defaming Verses before

    mentioned, (he being one of the Committee aforesaid)

    and altho he knew not the Author of Said Verses at

    the time of his ansg ym yet afterwards wn he came

    to the knowledge thereof and perceivd his own Miscar

    :riage, he made her Satisfaction; & being it was

    known to divers more wo were offended yrwth he

    freely and humbly offerd public Satisfaction also:

    and was accepted ________

    Nov. 30. The Sacramt of ye Lords Supper was adminis


    :tred _____ and

    ___ Sarah, of James & Sarah Miller was baptizd ___

    Dec: 1. Catechizing at ye Meeting House, the males

    came in ye forenoon, ye Females in ye Afternoon

    Janry 26. Caleb, of Jedidiah & Abigail How _____         bapt.


    & Thaddeus, of Danl (Watert.) & Martha Warrin

    Feb: 22. Vashti (ye Wife of Aber) Newton, was

    admitted into full Communion _____ ^ ^

    ____ 29. Hannah the wife of Noah Rice

    was admitted into full Communion &

    The Sacramt of ye Lords Supper was administd


    March. 7. Stephen, of James and Sarah, Ball, bapt.

    ____ 14. Jonathan, of Jonathan & Eunice Flagg, bapt.

    April 1. (being General Fast) Abigail, of Eleazar &

    Hannah Beeman; Phinehas of Thomas & Sarah Bruce

    & Josiah, of Josiah and Hassadiah Bowker, were baptizd

    ^ ^ Feb. 26. The ^ Brethren of ye Chh were Stopd to be acquainted

    yt yre were some proposals abt ye Consociation of ye

    Chhs of ye County of Worcester ___ yy were read & referd

    to considn ___

    yt the Children of ye Covt shd be lookd upon as undr

    ye Ch’s Watch & Discipline ___

    yt ye Article of Formal Relations shd be rectifyd ___

    & yt  yre were several Books presented to ye Chh – i,e, Mr Whites

    Lamentations & Mr Clarks (Salem Village) Piece on Bap

    :tism of Infants.