Chh Records _____


    For the purpose of seeing if it be the

    mend of this Chh to give Mr Adoniram

    Judson a Call to settle with them in the

    work of Ministry ___

    Also Voted to send to Revd Mr Sumner

    to Attend who is the standing Moderator

    of this Chh . .

    .  -  -

    -  __ _____________

    .  .






    Sept 3  the Chh met According to Adjournm

    -ent for the purpose of dealing with Br

    Daniel Adams for his Offences by way

    of Admonition. he not being present

    and nobody duly Authorized to Admonish

    .  Voted to Adjourn the Meeting to

    Wednesday next 5 oClock P.M

    Sept 6. The Chh Met According to Appt

    for the purposes of Shewing their Minds

    Respecting the giving Mr Adoniram

    Judson a Call to Settle With them in the

    Work of the Ministry  ____

    Meeting was Opened by Prayer by

    the Revd Mr Sumner  _____

    Vote was put whether it is the Minds

    of the Church to proceed to the Choice

    of a Pasture & it passed in the


    20 for.

    14 against