his House.

    Voted, yt Brr Seth Rice be the other Deacon.

    Then ye Chh were dismissd wth Prayr & Blessing.

    Apr. 30. Willm Caruth ownd ye Covt and

    ___ Ebenezer, of Simeon & Rebec. Howard

    Joseph, of William & Margt Caruth


    May.21. Thomas, of Jonathan & Abigail Livermore

    Anna, of Jonah & Elizabeth Warrin


    [Several erased words]


    25. After Lecture the Chh was Stayd

    The elected

    to recieve the Ansrs of ye Two Brethren


    who had been elected Deacons ___ and their

    Ansr in the

    Ansr being in the Negative ___ after Some Con


    :siderable Debate upon whether the Chh Shd

    accept & be Satisfyed wth yeir Ansrs or whe

    :ther we Shd proceed to new Elections, the meet

    :ing was adjournd to This Day fortnight, 2:

    Clock p.m.

    28. The Lords Supper was administred.


    June 4. Lavinia, of Edward & Persis Baker, bapt.

    8. This Day the Chh, according to appointmt

    Chh Meet

    came together upon the Articles of choosing Dea=

    :ing to

    :cons, and ye Conduct of Mr Saml Fay in keeping


    from or Communion himself, and with holding his

    more Dea:

    Wife therefrom also, altho he had permitted her


    to bind herself thereto by Solemn Covt

    Upon the first affair Votes were calld for

    and Brother Jonathan Forbush was chosen.

    Again votes were calld for, for another Deacon,

    and Brr Josiah Newton was chosen.

    The former of these was not at Meeting ___