3d Chh meeting

    Oct: 12. ^ The Church ^ come together

    ^It was ye Day

    upon the Bus’ness before named, and thô yre


    was a great deal of Care taken that every


    one yt was not sick should be present yet

    ^ to

    There ware but Eleven ^ present.There was

    ^ assembled.

    First a Debate about ye validity of Such pro-

    :ceedings as those of a minor Part of a Chh

    met togather. All present ware of Opini-

    :on that Proper warning being given If ei-

    :ther thro Divine Providence preventing by


    Sickness &c: or thrò neglect from time to time

    the majority Should be absent yet Those

    yt are orderly met together are impowered

    to transact & manage the Church’s Bus’

    :ness. and it was Thought unreasonable yt

    the Affairs propos’d Should be any fur-

    :ther put off, or the Brethren obliged to

    gather together from Time to Time till

    there should happen to be a major

    ^of ye retaind

    Part, When a great number ^ were disabled

    & Everyone fully Notifyed. So that it was

    thought expedient as well as defensible

    to proceed. [------] Accordingly address

    was first preferr’d to Heaven and then

    The Church (as they were look’d upon

    John Fay &

    to be) Chose By Written votes John Fay

    Isaac Tomlin

    & Isaac Tomlin to be the Deacons of


    This Chh; And Scarcely a Vote for anyone


    besides. __

    And as to the other Article respecting

    Vessels it was voted that Two shillings

    Should be collected of every Male Member

    of the Chh to purchase a Flagon holding


    Two quarts; & Two Pint Tankard; also a

    Aug. 12

    Bason for Water of Baptism.

    Which ended, & various Conferences tend-

    :ing to promote and secure the Chh’s

    Safety, The Meeting clos’d with of

    :fering Supplication & Thanksgiving to

    God. _____

             15.  Jonah Warrin & Eliza

    :beth his Wife offer’d Confessions

    (having broken the Seventh Commandmt)