Chh Records


    May ye 2d the Chh met According

    to adjournment to consider of

    the Affair Relative to Deacon Hawes

    After the meeting was Opened.

    there was some conversation on

    the matter  then Voted there

    be a committee of three to

    make some proposal to D

    Hawes what he ought to confess

    in Order for the Chhs Satisfaction

    Br Elijah Brigham

    Jos:  Harrington

    Jos:  Baker ____

    Then ye meeting was adjourned

    1/4 of an hour.-  then convened

    again according to ye Adjournmt

    and heared Deacon Hawes’s

    Acknowledgement which is as


    To the Chh

    of Chh of Christ in Westboro. Belovd

    Brethren. knowing there is

    uneasiness among the Brethrn