Chh Records


    Richard Barns Jr when treated with for

    Breach of the Seventh Command

    (as had been reported ^ but too well known)

    says to the Committee he has broke

    no Law and has no Satisfaction

    to make ___.

    Several of the half way members

    (so called) being omitted by the

    Committee (or out of the way in their

    endeavor to see them) the Chh Vote

    the same Comittees be requested

    to see and converse with them

    for the purposes aforesaid and

    make Report to the Chh at their

    next Meeting. adjourned by a Vote

    to the Second Monday of March

    next ensuing 2 of Clock P.M

    March 14th 1785 _ The Chh Met Accor-

    -ding to Adjournment. Meeting being

    opened. __ heard the Report of a Comittee

    Concerning Br Saml Fay. – and Say that

    he shew marks of Sorrow in that he had

    absented himself from public Worship

    and Ordinances __