the merits of the case as expressd in

    the 2d article of the notification. and make

    report to the chh. ___

    Article 3.

    Chose Breck Parkman, Treasurer

    and voted to adjourn this meting. to our

    next Preparatory Lecture.



    Decemr 12 Lords day, the Sacrament was

    administerd by the Revd Mr Wood of Upton

    Edward, Son of Benja & Anna Harrington

    was baptizd,

    1808 ___________________

    Feb. 10 Sacramental Lecture. and agreable

    to the adjournment the. Church tarried

    but on account of uncomfortable

    weather.  they only heard the report of

    the committee who had waited on Revd

    Mr Robinson.  and put over the further

    consideration of it to the next prepara-

    tory Lecture.

    Adjournd to April 7


    Apr 7  Annual Fast, whh Superceeds the

    usual Lecture . but the Chh agreable

    to adjournment. and after Several ob-

    servations from a number of Brethren

    voted. to disolve the meting without

    any further consideration on the affair of

    Mr Robinson

    or Mrs Cobb.