Chh – Records.


    Nov. 24. The Lords supper was administred ___


       p.m. The Chh stopd & Letters read from some aggrie-

    ved Brethren of ye Chh in Sudbury under ye pastoral


    care of ye Rev. Mr Loring ___ but nothing further done.


    Dec. 1. Antipas, of Stephen & Thankfull Maynd bapt.

    ___  22. Rachel, of Zebulun & Abigl Rice, &

    Anna, of Daniel &           Garfield            bapt.

    ___  29. The Chh was stopd, & a Letter ^ from

    ^ was read,

    the Chh in Holliston requesting or Asstce


    in Council there, Jan 8. next, there being

    at Holliston.

    contentions between Two of their Brethren

    (namely Capt. Ephm Littlefield & Danl

    Millen) which yr ^ own Endeavrs were unsuc-

    cessfull to heal. ___ But there was no

    vote. It was found yre was some unea-

    siness among orselves ___ & yrfore it was

    deferrd till next Lords Day, proposg

    to use means to remove wt obstruction

    there was now in ye way.

    The Chh was dismissd wth ye Blessing.

    === Jan. 5. 1752 The Chh was stopd, and


    the obstruction to the proceeding last Lords Day

    being remov’d the ^ Holliston Letter, was again

    ^ request

    proposd & Complyance voted. ___

    in ye

       Voted yt yre be two Delegates.

       Voted yt Mr Taintar be ye first ___ &

        ___ yt Brr Baker be ye other.

        concluded wth ye Blessing. ___

    ___ 12. Mary, of Francis & Abigl Whipple, bapt.

    Feb. 2. The Chh was stop’d & ye Result

    of ye late Council at Holliston was read.

    & like wise ye Desire of Eliezr Rice to have

    a Chh meeting, to hear ^ wt he has to lay

    ^ & act, if


    ye See Cause,