_The Church=__


    mystical Body according to his


    Revealed Will, unto our Lives End.


    2. We also bind our Selves to bring


    up our Children & Servants in the Know


    :ledge & Fear of God, by holy Instruction


    according to our best Abilities; & in Spe


    :cial by the use of Orthodox Catechisms


    that the True Religion may be maintained


    in our Families, while we live. ___


    3. And we further Promise to keep


    close to the Truth of Christ, endeavouring


    with lively Affection towards it in our


    hearts, to defend it against all Opposers


    thereof, as God Shall call us at any time


    thereunto. Which that we may do


    We Resolve to use the Holy Scriptures


    as our platform, whereby we may discern


    the mind of Christ, & not the newfound


    Inventions of Men. ___


    4. We also engage our Selves to have


    a carefull inspection over our own Hearts.


    That is, So as to Endeavor by the virtue of


    of the Death of Christ the Mortification of


    all our Sinfull Passions, worldly Frames &


    disorderly Affections, wr by we may be wth


    drawn from the Living God. ___


    5. We moreover oblige our selves


    in the Faithfull Improvement of our abi


    :lity & Opportunity; to worship God accor


    :ding to all the Particular Institutions of


    Christ in his Church, under Gospel Admi

    ^ reverent

    :nistrations. As, to give ^ Attention unto


    the word of God: to pray unto him: to Sing


    his Praise: & to hold Communion Each wth


    other in the use of both the Seals of the


    Covenant of Christ namely Baptism and


    the Lords Supper. ___


    6. We [also ?] likewise promise yt we


    will peaceably Submitt unto the Holy


    Discipline appointed by Christ in his


    Church for offenders; obeying them that


    Rule over us in the Lord. ___


    7. We also bind our Selves to walk


    in Love: one towards another; Endeavour


    =ing our mutual Edification; visiting, Ex=


    =horting, comforting (as Occasion Serveth)