_Chh- Records .


    Then the pastor made open proclamn


    & Demand, yt if there were any who had

    Exception or Complaint to make against

    him in his Conducting these Affairs, or

    any other Matters relative thereto, as if he

    had been unfaithfull, or had misrepresented

    Things, they would now manifest it, with ye

    Grounds yrof, that if it could be made to ap-

    pear, he might see it & humble himself and

    make proper Satisfaction _ wc in that Case

    he was ready to do; but if ^ it was otherwise, he might

    be properly Vindicated, and yt they wd be ye

    Guardians of his Reputation.

    There was no Reply to it except by one

    Member wo mentioned something about ^ sub-

    ^ his

    scribing agst ye 2d Chh in Sutton & ye Pastor.

    wc was immedly ansd __ [and after ye Chh was

    dismissd, anor desird ye Liberty of private

    Conference at a suitable Time for it, wc was

    readily consented to.]

    After Prayr ye Meeting concluded wth ye Blessing.

    Dec. 27. Harvey, of Nathan & Lucy Maynd baptizd.

    Jan.3. 1768. Bozaleel, of Ezekl & Ruth Smith


    was baptizd

    The same Day ye Chh was Stopd & were informd yt

    Mrs Andrews had resignd the Copys &c. (See Dec. 16.)

    Also a letter from Mrs Andrews^ was communi-

    ^ of Jan. 1.

    cated to ye Chh. requesting, again, ye Benefit

    of transient Communion.  A motion was presently

    made by Several Brethren that since ye Chh

    has been so much worried with it, it might be

    dropd.  It was put to vote, & it was a Tie.

    And ye Motion to adjourn, was for a while

    opposd by ye Same No __ At length ye Pastor was

    obligd to interpose, & with their Consent, ad-

    journd to tomorrow come sennight, at one p.m