__Chh  Records.__


    Nov. 2.  Robert-Breck, of Stephen

    & Anne, Maynard, was baptizd.

    as were Lucy & Sarah, of Ezekiel

    & Ruth Smith.

    Nov. 6. The Chh met by adjournmt

    The Meeting was opend by Prayer __ and those

    passages in Ch. X of ye platform were read,

    wc shew the Power of ye Eldership & privileges

    of ye Brotherhood, together wth y Rules of a

    Chh- Meeting.

    The Bus’ness of ye Meeting

    was laid open -_ namely 1. to consider ye Request

    of Eunice Andrews to be admitted (as member

    of ye Chh in Ipsw.  of wc &c) to transient Com-

    munion wth this.

    2. to see if ye Chh will

    not take some ^ more Special Care, than has been

    of late years, of ye Childn of ye Covt and of those

    wo have ownd ye Covt  _______

    1. As to ye First, viz Eunice Andrews’s Request,

    (wc was again

    ____altho the Chh was adjournd on purpose to have

    read to ye

    the Woman present; & Brr Gale, as sent to her


    to notifie her, said he had done it; yet she

    was absent __ so yt we could not have her to

    ansr to her Petition __ It was also declard that

    she was designedly absent, & was gone a Jour-

    ney.    It was also testifyd yt tho she had

    requested Commn with us, yet that ^ she wd

    ^ she said

    not come, if her request was voted by

    ye Chh &c. upon the whole, after much De-

    bate concerning her, & the society she came

    from, it was put to vote,

    Whether her Petition shd be dismissd?

    It passd in ye Affirmve by a pritty full ma-


    2.  As to the other article, it was proposd

    to the Chh and urgd & pressd upon them

    __ Somewt was ansd __ But it was late ___