Chh – Records -


    March. 8. John, of Timothy & Reba Warrin

    & Lydia, of David & Lydia Batherick    bapt.

    ___ 10. Patience, of Solomon & Patience Woods

    being in a very sick & Dangerous Condition, was

    baptizd in private. NB The Request of Mr

    Woods and his Wife was openly made known in

    the Precinct Meeting wc was on ye Day preceding;

    and there was then manifested the Advice & Consent

    of the Members of ye Chh wc were in said meeting.

    22. Elizabeth, of Bezaleel & Sarah Smith of

    Shrewsbury, was baptizd by Rev. Mr Wellman of


    29. Elizabeth, of Jonn & Mary Bond, &

    Jonathan, of Edwards & Sarah Whipple     bapt.

    April 5. Levi of John & Eliz. Rogers &

    Fortunatus, of James junr & Elizth Miller     bapt.

    19. The Chh was stopd, & another Letter

    from the aggrievd Brethren in West-Sudbury

    was read. Dated March 26 last ___ It was left

    to Consideration.

    May 24. ^ A Letter from Sundry Inhabitts

    ^ The Sacrt

    of ye North East part of Brookfield, respectg

       admind ___

    the ordinn of Mr Eli Forbush ^ was read and

    ^ on June 3.

    the request therein of our Assistce complyd


    with.   Voted yt yre be two Delegates of ye Chh

    on that occasion.  Voted Brr Tainter be the

    first ___ voted that Brr Fr. Whipple be ye other.

    31. The Chh was stopd & voted Dismission of ^ Mr Eli

    Forbush to ye work of founding & settling a Chh

    in the North East part of Brookfield, or to the

    Chh there, if there be one gatherd; in order to

    his being ordained ye Pastor thereof.

    and ye Dismission of Mrs Hannah Fish (hereto-

    fore Hannah Forbush) to ye Chh in Upton