Chh - Records.

    Dec. 3.  Elizabeth, of James junr & Eliza-

    beth Millar, baptized ___

    ___10. Joanna, of Jonn junr & Joanna Forbush, bapt.

    ___ 24. Margery of Ebr & Amy Maynard, bapt.


    Jan. 14. Ezra, of Ithamar & Mary Bellows, bapt.

    21. Elijah, of Levi & Susanna Brigham, bapt.

    Feb. 4. Mindwell, of David & Lydia Bathe-

    -rick, & Thomas of John & Eliz. Rogers

    were baptiz’d. _____

    11. Abigail, of Richard & Eliz. Barns bapt.


    March 4. The Lords Supper adminis-

    tred __

    ___11. Joshua, of Ebenr Chamberlin


    & Elizh of Benjamin & Tabitha How

    _25. Ruth, of Timothy & Rebecca Warrin,       bapt.

       & Brown, of John & Mercy Chamberlin,

    Apr. 8. James, of James junr & Eliz. Miller, bapt.


    ____ 15. The Lords Supper administred. &

    Katharine, of Joseph & Kath. Joslin baptizd.

    ____ 22. Elizabeth, of Charles & Phebe Woods, bapt.

    Letter from

    After ye usual Exercises The Chh was Stoppd. &


    a Letter from ye Chh of Cht in Abington

    was read requesting ye Assistance of ys Chh

    in ye Ordinn of Mr Ezekiel Dodge over ym

    Voted  Compliance wth Said Request on Con-

    dition the pastors Affairs (particularly difficult

    at this Time) will allow of his going _____

    Voted, yt ye Chh send Two Delegates ____

    Voted yt Brr Francis Whipple be ye first

    Voted yt Brr. Simon Tainter be ye other.

    Concluded wth prayr & Blessing _____


    May 27th Administred ye Lords Supper.

    Letter from

    p.m. read a Letter from Chh of Grafton desirg


    or Assistce in ye Ordn of Mr A. Hutchinson_