were agoing to pay him.  they

    Reply they or the Treasurer must

    give a Note. he says he will not take

    their Note __ then ye Question was Asked

    ye Deacon Hawes whether he had paid the

    full Sum to Rice’s Creditors that he

    exhibited in his a/c against his Estate

    he Answered every copper. no what no

    Abatement. not one farthing___ then

    he Observes to the Deacon his a/c is too

    high. whereupon it was in ye Sum of

    £15.0 ^___ ust Down about Seven Dollars __  ___ _____

    Br Jos: Harrington to the like import

    and that D Hawes said there was

    no Abatement on a Note of hand agt sd

    Rice. in favor of Doct D Brigham

    Mr Gleason another of ye SelectMen says

    ye Same. Likewise Mr Jos Green Testifies

    that he Asked D Hawes whether he

    had paid ye whole face of Dct D Brigham

    Note which he exhibited as a Voucher for

    ye Sum Charged in his a/c as Specified in

    ye Note agt Rice

    D  Hawes said

    Yeas every farthing