_______Chh - Records.__189.

    June 3. Nathan Kenny, Simon Forbes

    and Susanna his Wife were admitted

    into full Communion with ye Chh.

    10. Antipas, of Barn. & Eunice Newton,

    & Mary & Abner of Simon & Sus. Forbes, bapt.

    17. The Lords Supper was administred.


    July 1. Joseph, of Joseph & Ruth Harrington

    Jabez of Benajah &


    & Hannah, of Joseph & Esther Belknap, baptizd.

    22. Anna, of Isaac & Margery Parker, bapt.

    29. The Lords Supper was administred.


    p.m. Elizabeth, of Eli and Deb. Warren and Anna-Sophia


    Brigham were baptizd.

    Aug. 5. Abihail, Dauter of Moses & Lydia

    Wheelock, baptizd.

    Sept. 2. Joseph, of Eleazr & Sarah Rider, bapt.

    9. The Lords Supper was administred.

    Simon, of Simon & Susanna Forbes, baptizd.

    Sept. 30. Beulah, wife of Benj. Fay

    was admitted into full Communion.

    The Chh was stopd & a Letter from our

    Brother Dan. Adams was read. In it

    he informs yt on ye 2d Tuesday of Oct. next

    a no of Chhs are requested to meet at his

    House & desires us to attend with them.

    ___ The Qn. was put, Whether this Chh does

    comply therewith?   There was not a Vote ___

    But one hand was lifted up for it.

    Octob. 7 Six Children of Mr Benjamin

    & Mrs Beulah Fay were baptizd.

    viz: Benjamin & Solomon, Martha, Beu-

    lah, Lydia & Lucy. ___


    ^Y July 1. The Chh was stopd. A Letter from Mr D. Adams

    of ye 13. of June read. Qn. was put Whether ye Chh is of

    ye mind  that there is any Thing in ys Letter yt requires

    a Chh meeting upon it? Or is there any Thing yt yy

    would consider, & act upon, Now? It passd in ye Neg.