__Chh - Records._


    July 7.  The Sacrament of ye Lords Sup-

    -per was administred. &

    Lucretia, of Benj. & Tab. How, bapt.

    ___  8. The Chh met togr at ye Request of

    _Eliezr Rice, who desird Baptism for his Infant Child,

    yet was free to declare hims. tho not utterly deny-

    ing ye DoctƐ of ye Imputation of Adams Sin to

    his posterity, yet yt he was apter to disbelieve it.

    ==The Chh, after reasoning with him for Some time

    advisd him to wave the matter of his Childs Baptm

    for a while, and let it be baptizd on his wife’s

    Right; and yt he wd take pains in Serious Considn

    of wt had been offerd him; & in other proper methods

    to inform hims. more thorowly in those importt Doc-

    trines of Chty wc he appeard to be so much in the

    Dark about. and thus, as ye Meeting was opend,

    so it was concluded, wth prayr __ to wc was added

    (as usual also) ye Blessing. ______

    Aug. 4. Sarah, of Daniel &Mary Forbush, bapt.

    ___  11. Alexander, of Eleazr Whitney, bapt.

    18. Simeon, of Charles & Martha Bruce, bapt.

    and James Bradish junr & Mary his Wife

    and Were dismissd to ye Chh in Upton

    The request likewise of Elizth Warrin, wife

    of Silas Warrin of Grafton to be dismissd

    from us to ye Chh in Grafton


    __ 25. The Sacrt was administred,

    & Samuel, of Ebr & Hannah

    Parkman, was baptizd.


    Oct 6. The Lords Supper administred.

    ____20. The Chh was stopd & the Widow Rebecca

    Byles was dismissd.

      Nov. 17. Robert Cook & Sarah his Wife

    offerd Confessions of yeir being guilty of the

    Sin of fornication, & likewise yeir aggravating

    it by Denying it; upon wc they were restord to

    charity & ownd ye Covenant. ______