were in Brotherly Love; yt yy ^ were Sorry for yeir

    ^ namely

    Conduct, and particularly he wd have ym informd

    he & his

    yt he was for his unseasonable opening their Differ

    Brr Jonn

    :rence to ye Chh on yeir late meeting ______

    The Chhs acceptance was manifested by yeir silence.

    Apr. 11. The Lords Supper was administd


    _____ 25. Charles, son of Charles & Rachel Rice,

    was baptized. ______

    May 2.  Mehitabel ye Dauter of Peres & Lydia

    Rice, & Dorothy ye Dauter of Seth & Dorothy

    Rice, were baptized. _______

    ______ 9. Ebenezer, Son of Thomas (junr) & Hannah

    Forbes, Hephzibah Dauter of Edward & Persis

    Baker, & Martha of Isaac (junr) & Jemima

    Tomlin, were baptized. _________

    ______ 23. The Lords Supper was administred.


    And Timothy, Son of John (junr) & Bathsheba

    Pratt, was baptized. ____________

    [June 6th  I being at Hassenemisco, Sundry

    persons yt had (by Sufficient Testimony) enjoyd Special

    Privileges in ye Chhs of Cht, requested Baptism for yeir

    Children & (when I had having (privately) given ym respectively a Charge

    & Exhortation Seriously to affect ym S. wth wt yy were trans

    :acting) I complyd with yeir Desires, & accordingly

    Noah the Son of

          Kidder, Mary ye Dauter of

    Ezekiel Knowlton & Mary ye Dauter of Thomas

    Fulton were baptized. ________________]

    ______ 27. Seth Rice & Dorothy his wife

    & Phebe (ye wife of Simeon) Willard of Hasse

    :nemisco [torn]  admitted into our Communion: as

    was also Rebecca Tain (ye wife of Simon) Tain=

    ter by virtue of a Dismission from ye first Chh

    of Waterton.  Thaddeus, the son of Gershom

    & Hannah Faye was likewise Baptized. ____