were complyd wth and that yy be recommended, ye

    first to ye Chh of Brookfield, the Second to ye

    Chh of Southborô, ye last to ye Chh of Grafton

    Aug: 10. Ithamar and Mary Bellows were

    admitted into this Chh.

    _____ 17. Susanna, of Aaron & Susanna Forbush

    & Joshua & Samuel, of Joshua & Mercy Towns

    :end ___ were baptized. ______


    _____  24. The Lords Supper was administred ___

    _____  28. Catechizing on ye North Side of ye Town.

    31. David, of David & Dinah Goodenow

    _________  Antipas, &


    _________  Hazadiah      of Joseph & Hazadiah Bowker

    Sept :14. Joshua, of John & Rebecca Hicks &

    Sacramt Oct: 5

    __ ^  ^ __ Tabitha, of Asher Rice


    Catech: Oct. 9.

    Oct. 12. Samuel, of Samuel junr & Delivce Fay, bapt.

    _____ 19. Abigail, Dauter of Joseph and Kath. Josline, bapt.

    _____ 26. Azuba, Daûter of Josiah & Thankf. Rice, bap.

    (by Mr Cushing, in my Absence.)

    Nov. 2. Daniel Warrin (late of Waterton) and Martha

    (^ to Acceptance)

    his wife (late of Waterton) offerd ^ yeir Humiliation for

    violating ye 7th Commt and ownd ye Covt

    _____ 9. Abigail, of Daniel & Abigail Forbush, bapt.

    _____16. Martha, of Daniel & Martha Warrin, baptizd

    _____23. Mary Bradish offered a Confession for hav

    :ing composed a paper of Verses of a Scandalous and Calum

    :niating Nature respecting ye Committee appointed by the

    Town (some time since) to Search out who it was Cut the

    pulpit Cusheon, & tending to defame others also __ she

    was very penitent __ but there was some objection made by

    Several against reading Said Confession to Day, but the

    Chh more generally insisting for it, and ye chief objectrs

    yielding, it was read and she was restored.

    _____27. Being Lecture Day Brr Jonn Forbush offered an

    ^ inserted

    acknowledgmt to the Chh for having ^ [illegible] some  unsuitable

    Expressions in the Resentmts he Composd in answer


    ^ ^ Daniel Forbush was admitted into our Communion

    Stephen, of Josiah & Ruhamah Newton, bapt.