Aug. 9. Lydia, of Eleazar and Sarah Bellows, bapt.

    Sept. 3. The Chh was Stopd after LectƐ & passd

    the following Votes. Scil:

    1. To Dismiss & recommend Hezekiah Ward to ye

    Chh of Southborô;

    2. Aaron & Hephzibah Hardy to ye Chh of Grafton:

    Council at

    3. Compliance with ye Request of ye Second Chh of


        Christ in Hadley ^ to meet & Sit in Council yre

    ^ to Send ye

        upon their Difficultys and Divisions ________

    Pastor &

    4. That ye Chh send Two Delegates upon yt Occasion.

    a Delegate

    5. That Deacon Newton be a Delegate.

    or Delegates

    6. That Brr Nathl Whitney be ye other Delegate.

    7. That the Affair of Cornelius Cook be brought

         before the Chh at a Meeting for that purpose

         to be warnd on ye Next Lords Day. ~~________

    Sept. 6. Elizabeth (Dauter of Josiah) Newton,

    Sarah Shattuck & Suzanna (dauter of

    Simon) Tainter were admitted into ye Chh

    and ye Lords Supper was administred. _____


    The same Day Mary (heretofore Bruce, now) Tainter

    wife of Simon Tainter junr was dismissed to the

    Chh of Grafton__

    ___ At Eve The Chh was warnd to come together on the

    next Friday at two of ye clock pm on the Affair

    of Cornelius Cook.

       Sept. 11. The Chh met [word crossed out] upon ye Affair

    of Cornelius Cook. After prayer, Enquiry was

    made concerning Said Cause: and ye Person being

    there present, it was testifyed by Two of ye Members

    of ye Chh, viz Abijah Bruce & Joshua Townsend

    that they were at ye Justice’s Court, and Said that at

    ye Mouth of Four witnesses Judgmt of Nahum Ward

    Esqr went against Cornelius Cook in a Matter of

    Scandal __ namely The Chh hereupon desired him

    to make his Defence if any he had to make.  In

    Reply to which he pleaded that he had not

    had Sufficient, timely apprehension of this Meet