__Chh - Records__

    & Hannah, Prudence, Anna, Saml

    Adonijah & Sarah, children of Ado-

    nijah & Hannah Rice,

    Lucy, of Ebenr & Lucy Forbush &

    William, of Adam & Lois Rice, baptd

    Sept. 16. Sarah, of Edwds & Sarah Whipple, bapt.

    ____ 23. Hannah, of Ebr & Hannah Miller, bapt.

    ____ 30. A Petition of Benj. Mixer, Guar-

    dian of Joseph Joslin, a minor, wo has been

    long exercisd with sickness & sores, to ye


    exhausting of his Substance, for a Con-

    concg ye

    tribution for his Relief; read to ye Congrn __


    The Chh was Stopd to communicate

    of Mr

    a Letter from ye East Chh in Yarmouth


    desiring Assistce of ye Pastor & Messenger


    from this Chh in ye Ordn of Mr Nathan


    Stone junr Oct. 17. next. ______

    Voted Compliance __

    Voted yt Deacon Bond be ye Messengr

    from ye Chh on yt Occasion. ^:


    Oct: 7. The Lords Supper administd __

    __ at Brr Gale’s Request ye Chh was Stayd __ &

    he also desird to be excusd from going to ye

    ^ His Reason

    mentiond Ordn __ ^ and Deacon Tainter

    for it was

    was chose to go in his stead.


    28. A Letter was read to ye Chh, from West-

    Letter from

    morland, desiring assistce in ye Ordinn of


    Mr Wm Goddard: but it is too far, consider


    ing how lately we have been a grt Journey __ but

    esp. this Ordn must interfere with one we

    are more nearly concernd in: and yrfore

    wn Compliance was put to Vote, there was no Hand.

    from Oxford.

    Another Letter was also read, viz from ye Chh

    of Oxford, desiring or assistce in ye Installmt of

    the Rev. Mr Bowman.  Compliance Voted __ Two

    Delegates, viz Squire Whipple & Mr Danl Forbush.

    ^: Oct18 The Chh stopd at ye Request of Deacon Bond,

       who was excusd from going as above __ & Chose Brr Gale.