Call’d upon the Brethren of the


    as the pastor was dismisd, (and they

    were without a standing Moderator) to

    choose some one of the neighboring minister

    to be their ^standing moderator. upon which the bre-

    .thren carried in their votes,  and it appeard

    that that the Revd Benja Wood was chosen.

    Brother Elijah Brigham. Deacon Hawes

    & Deacon Chamberlin, were desired to

    inform him of the ^choice the Chh had made of him

    to be their standing moderator, which they

    did immediately.

    and when he came

    in he signified his acceptance of the

    appointment, and calld on the Chh

    to choose a Clerk.

    and when the votes

    were carried in & counted, it appeard

    that Brother Breck Parkman was chosen


    The Church then proceeded & made

    choice of Deacon James Hawes for their mo

    _derator in the absence of their standing


    the meeting was then de-

    clared by the standing moderator to be dissolved.

    attest B. Parkman Clerk