June 15. Ephraim, of Josiah & Hassadiah Bowker

    baptizd by Rev. Mr Aaron Smith of Marlbo=

    :rough (being the first administration of a

    Special Ordinance wc he ever performd._)_

    __ 22. Susanna, of John Rogers, baptized.

    Sacrt July 13.

    July 27.  Susanna, of Jonn & Abig. Livermore bapt.

    Aug. 3.  Lydia, of Joseph & Katharine Joslin, bapt.

      24.  Sacramt was administred. ___


      31.  Lydia, & Timothy, of Timothy & Lydia Fay, bapt.

    NB. A Fast was appointed ^ to be kept by this Chh & Congr

    ^ wth ye Advice

    on ye Acct of ye Sore Judgmt of ye Throat Distemper.

    of ye Deacons

    and which accordingly was, on ye 4th of Septembr

    of ye Chh &

    Sept. 14. Elizabeth, of Thomas & Persis Goodenow &

    Select men

    Mary, of William & Margt Caruth


    of ye Town,

    21. Fortunatus, of Noah & Hannah Rice

    Ezekiel, of Bezaleel & Sarah Smith


    (Members of ye Chh of Shrewsbury)

    Oct. 5. Elizabeth, ye wife of Samuel Harrington

    was admitted into Chh Fellowship.

    12. Sacramt of ye Lords Supper administred.


    Benjamin, of John & Rebecca Hicks, bapt.

    19. Ebenezer, of Ebenezer Chamberlain, bapt.

    Nov. 16. James Bradish junr admitted into ye Chh

    23. Matthias & Anna Rice were admitted into

    the Chh. & ye Lords supper was administred.


    Jan. 4. Jacob, of Jacob & Hannah Rice, &

    Ruth, of Hezekiah & Rachel Pratt



    Feb. 22. William, of Ebenr & Hannah Parkman


    March 8.  This was by appointment to have been

       Communion Day, but the Chh passd a Vote yt

       by Reason of ye unusual Difficulty of ye season

       (and the Small Number present) ye Administrn

       of the Lords Supper Should be deferrd untill

       the Next Lords Day. _____