June 4 The Church tarried after the blessing according

    to adjournment and Voted. _________


    1 To choose a Committee of three to go and con

    verse with our Sisters Hannah Cobb, Hannah

    Ware and Hannah Belknap and enquire

    into the reasons of their absenting themselves

    from our communion

    2 Voted that Deacon Hawes Deacon Brigh

    am and Brother Joseph Harrington be the


    3 Voted to adjourn the meeting to our

    next Lecture _  ______

    Augst 6

    The Church tarried after the blessing and

    agreeably to adjournment, and heard a

    verbal report from the Committee appoi

    nted at our last lecture to go and converse

    with our offinding Sisters who had absented

    themselves from our communion. ____


    The Church tarried after the blessing and

    April 26

    heard a Letter from the Church in Milford

    requesting assistance in the ordination of

    of Mr David Long of Hopkinton in the State

    of New-Hampshire their Pastor elect. ___

    1 Voted compliance

    2 Voted that Brother Elijah Brigham be

    the Delegate. ______



    The Church tarried after the blessing and

    Novr 25

    heard a Letter read from Brother Daniel

    Adams in which he wishes to know if the

    Church have any, and if any what their

    objection is against recommending him

    to some other Church that the matter m

    ay be settled either between him and the

    Church or by a mutual Council. _____

    After some conversation the Church

    Voted to adjourn the matter to our

    next Lecture in order to consider the

    matter subject more thoroughly.  _

    Decr 8

    The Church tarried after the blessing accord

    ing to adjournment.  _______

    And as doubts were entertained by a num

    ber of the Brethren whether Brother Daniel

    Adams had ever been served with a copy of the