& the same Day Isaac, of James & Sarah Miller


    John, of Hezek. & Rachel Pratt     bapt.

    Nov. 27. Abigail, of Jedidiah & Abig. How bapt.

    Dec: 4. Dorothy, of Josiah & Hassadiah Bouker bapt.

    ____ 11. Rebecca of Thomas & Sarah Bruce, bapt.

    P. Rev. Mr Prentice of Grafton.

    Jan. 1. Mary, of Isaac junr & Jemima Tomlin, bapt.


    ____15.  Hephziba, of Eliezar & Persis Rice, bapt.

    ___  22.  Mary Mainard, wife of James

    Mainard, being dismiss’d from

    Marlborough Chh was admitted into ye


    And at ye Same time

    Hannah Parkman, ye Wife

    of Ebenezer Parkman, was admitted

    also. _____

    Feb. 26.  Aaron, of Aaron & Hephz. Hardy, bapt.

    March. 2. After Lecture ye Chh was stopd to

    receive ye Ansr of Brr Josiah Newton, respecting ye

    Chh Vote ^ to be a Deacon of this Chh. And his

    ^ of him

    Ansr was in the Negative.  Upon wc it was

    recommended yt ye Chh would take Thôt

    of another Choice.  Again, ye Chh recd

    ye Return of ye Commtee wc had been Sent to Brr

    Saml Fay ___ but their Return was not unanimous

    :ly drawn up; ___ And whilst ye Chh was debating, it

    was Suggested by one & another yt it wd be very

    adviseable to Send to Mr Fay again, yre being still