_Chh Records__


    was admitted into Chh Fellowship.

    The Lords Supper was administred.


    P.M. Mary & Hannah, Children of

    the foresaid Mary Chase, baptizd.

    June 22. The ^ Chh were stayed after ye Exer-

    ^ Brn of ye

    cises. The Pastor proposd to ym ye Desire of He-

    zekiah How & his Wife, to have two of yeir Grand-

    children baptizd on their acct They are ye

    children of their late son Noah, deceasd __

    ye Mother, also being deceasd: & ye said How &

    his Wife having taken these Children into

    yeir own Care, & are willing ([------] [------])

    to be under Obligation (undr God) to bring

    ym up, or have ym brôt up accg to ye Rules of

    Christianity. ___ The Chh voted in Compliance

    with their Request. __

    also ye Pastor consulted ye Chh upon ye

    Difficult Case of ye Child of John & Jane-King

    Maynard; Joseph Joslin & his wife having

    taken ye Child to bring it up, & desird Bap-

    tism for it.  This was left to further Con-


    It was furthermore pro-

    posd yt ye Chh wd Consider wt Delinquencys

    there are among ye Members __ & many of those

    who have ownd ye Covt __ and how ye Chh will

    exercise yeir Watch over ye Children of ye

    Covt __  The Pastor recommended to Choose

    a Comtee of ye Chh to make Enquiry into the

    Conduct of Communicants & others __ But as

    this had not been heretofore done among us,

    it was left to Consideration.

       July 6. Hezekiah & Elizabeth

    How stood before ye Chh & Congregn

    and solemnly promised that they wd

    take faithfull Care of ye Education

    of their two Grand Children, Viz

    Thankfull & Mary How Children

    of ye late Noah How deceasd; yt they

    Should, by Gods assistance, be brought