_Chh - Records.__


    Nov. 9. The Chh met according to the


    adjournmt on ye Affair of Mrs Adams

    agst. her Husband.

    She came; but she

    replyd that she had not her Evidences:

    but was endeavoring to get ready for

    an Hearing.  She Said yt she had somethg

    to say to her Husband; but he did not


    Mr Adams’s Paper, No 7. of July 23. 1780.

    was read; & ye Pastors Letter to him, wch

    he refers to therein, was read likewise.

    but inasmuch as he ^ had not thought it

    ^ (Mr A.)

    worth So much regard as to come &

    defend it, (tho it was obnoxious to Excep-

    tions & Resentmt) it was voted to be dropt.

    Thus was it dismissd ___ & ye Chh_Meetg

    was dissolvd We closd wth Prayr and

    Blessing.  _______


      12. Hannah, of James & Mary, Bowman, bapt.

      26. Isaac, of Abijah & Sus. Gale, bapt.

      Dec. 3. The Lords Supper was administred.


    7. Pub. Thanksg  [at Eve Elisha

      Livermore was maryd to Lucy Maynard.]

    17. Mr Silas Brigham, having removd

    to Shrewsbury, was by vote of ye Chh, dismissd from

      us & recommended to ye First Chh there.


    Janry 14.  The Chh was detaind


    and a Letter dated yesterday, signd

    Daniel Adams, to be communicated

    to ye Chh, was read ___ but there were

    but few members present & a Snow Storm;

    it was referrd to Consideration.____