Then Mrs Rice, being calld, it was

    read to her in that form (viz with

    those omissions) and she consent-

    ed to it.  Upon wc the Chh agreed

    that she shd be propounded in ye

    Congregation in order to her

    being restord to or Charity.

    ^ went to

    The Commtee wo ^ Brr Saml Fay

    were calld upon for their Report;

    They (verbally) deliverd it - viz

    That he was dissatifyd with Mr

    Parkman and his son Breck on

    ^ that

    acct of his mare ^ was dead.

    Others (as Squire Whipple &c)

    said that he ^ had given other Reasons,

    ^ (Mr Fay)

    namely, want of Cloths - &c.

    It was put to the vote whether his

    Reason given to the Comtee was Satis-

    factory __? __ There was no Hand for

    it. __  The Chh was desirous to shew

    all Lenity __ deferrd further pro-

    ceeding; & divers members re-

    quested yt Mr Parkman & two

    Brethren with him wd Visit him

    This being consented to, this affair

    was further wavd.

    Then the paper signed by Eleven

    was mentiond, & ye Pastor, by a short

    Speech, shewd ye Unseasonableness

    ^ at so dis-

    of Disputes of this Nature ^ the Im-


    propriety & Danger of arraigning

    a time

    Such a Body of eminent & learned Men

    of public

    as the Venerable Convention, & condemn-


    ing ym wo were verily ye Defenders of

    ye Congregational Plan, & yrf  not deserv-

    ing to have Solemn Testimony born

    ^ as is re-

    agst ym ^ ___ after some Debates, the

    quested in

    meeting was adjournd to this Day fort-

    ye Said

    night __ Concluded wth Prayr & Blessing


    __ 26. Elisha, of Levi & Deb. Warrin, bapt.