_Chh – Records.__

    Feb. 18. The Chh was again

    detaind on Acct of Brr D. Adams

    Letter of Jan. 13.  By Request it

    ^ NB. Brr

    was read a second time.



       After debating upon it, a Motion


    was made to see whether ye Chh wd

    do any thing upon it; but nothing

    was offerd.  Then whether they

    were of ye mind to drop it? __ No Vote.

    So yt It was wav’d ___. Concl. wth Blessg

    __ 25. Mehitable, of John & Mehit. Fay, bapt.

    March 18. The Chh was stopd at noon __

    Another Letter still, from Mr Dan. Adams

    was read __ among other Things, praying

    that the Communion may not be admind

    ^ But

    till his Affair is looked into. ^ The Chh being

    in no Such situation as to do anything

    about it; for Mrs Adams’s Cause not be-

    ing laid before us, we have nothing to Act

    upon; the Chh voted, as to ye Communion,

    that it was their Desire ye Lds Supper

    might be appointed: & as to ye Rest of

    ^ their minds

    the Letter,^ that there was nothing to be

    done further; the Pastor having ansd it,

    in his Reply; which was read to Mr A.

    in ye presence of ye Chh, & ye Brn acquiesed

    ^ Then were

    in it.# ^ Dismissd wth ye Blessing. ___




    March 25. The Lords Supper was admind

    Apr. 15. Susanna-Brigham, of Breck &

    Susanna Parkman, was baptizd.

      May 3. The Genl Fast.


    ____ 6. The Lords Suppr admind

    __ Daniel, of James junr & Mercy Miller


    13. Silas, of John & Mary Harrington.

    # Mr Adams’s Complaint was yt his Wife delayd to prosecute,

    or bring her Cause to any Issue. Whereupon ye Pastor


    proposed his writing to her: and This was accepted.