_Chh- Records.

    Whereupon a Vote was tryd

    and there was every Hand.

    Upon which he was declard

    a Deacon of this Chh.

    Brr Child made ansr still in ye

    Negative, refusing to Serve.

    The Chh was dismissd with

    the Blessing.


    10. The Lords Supper was admi-

    nistred.  and Brr Hawes attended

    his Duty.

    The same Day

    Polly, of John & Mehit. Fay,

    Lettice, of Samuel & Margaret Rider,

    (wo had Certificat from Rev. Mr Fitch

    of Hopkinton), and

    Samuel, of Thomas & Hannah Andrews,

    were baptized.

    17. Martha, of Elisha & Hanh Forbes bapt.

    > Sept. 24.


    At ye Request

    Oct. 1. Elizabeth Adams, Wife

    of Mrs Persis

    of Danl Adams junr was admitted

    Adams the

    into full Communion. &

    Chh Meetg

    Anson, of Danl & Rebecca Stockwell bapt.

    by adjournmt

    to ye 26, was yet further adjournd, by ye Consent of the

    Brethren, to ye Second Thursday in November ^2. p.m. for

    this Reason, that she could not get ready before

    that time.

    15. Polly, & Samuel-Hall, of

    Danl junr & Elizabeth Adams,

    were bapt. by Rev. Mr Sumner.

    >Nov. 5. Susanna, of Jonn & Han. Grout, bapt.

    A Letr from ye South Chh in Bolton, desirg

    Assistce in Council; but yre was No Vote for it.

    ____ I went not.



    >22. The Lords Supper was admd