Chh Records _____


    Decr 11 The Chh Met According to App

    -ointment. Mr Robbinson present

    after attending to the Business of the

    Appointment. Voted to Adjourn

    the Meeting to the 17 Currunt for

    the purpose of Choosing an Ordain

    -ing Council to Consecrate the Afore.

    -said Pastor Elect to the Work of ye Gospel

    Minestry in this place. _____

    Thurs Wednesday the 17 of Decr The

    Chh  Met  According to Adjournmt

    Revd Mr Jos: Sumner Moderator present.

    Meeting was Opened by Prayer ____

    Mr Robbinson at the Meeting. after

    some Conversation with the Pastor Elect

    Relative to the Admenestring ye Ordenance

    of Baptism to the Children of those Parents

    who are in Covenant & note in Full

    Communion__(Mr Robbn Ha Declared admenesg to Such)

    Then Voted to proceed to Make Choice of an

    Ordaining Council

    2d Voted the Numbers of Chh’s sent to should

    Consist of [--] Ten ___