__Chh – Records.______


    March 22. Elijah Rice & Benj. Hills

    were admitted into the Chh.

    ____ 25. The Chh was stopd on the occa-

    sion of ye two cases of Sister Judith Bel-

    lows, who presented an acknowledgmt

    and was restored to ye Chhs Charity, and

    to ye Enjoymt of Special privileges again:

    And ^of Brr Saml Fay, who offerd also

    an acknowledgmt which was accepted __

    Each of these by full Votes __ after which

    were offerd Thanks & prayr & all was

    concluded with ye Blessing.

    ___ 29. The Lord’s Supper was administd


    and Abner, of Timothy & Rebecca Warrin

    Jonathan, of Thos & Ruhamah Frost


    & Sarah, of Joseph & Sarah Grout

    Apr. 26. Seth, Sherebiah, & Hephzibah

    of Samuel Fay, were baptized by the

    Rev. Mr Stone of Southborough.

    May 3. Molly Hills+ & Persis Rice ^ admitted into

    ye Chh. & The Lords Supper was administred.


    P.M. Ephraim of Rich. & Eliz. Barns, bapt.

    __ 10. Asa, of Abijah & Abigail Gale, and

    Molly & Benjamin, of Benjamin & Molly

    Hills, were baptized.

    __ 17. Daniel, of Jonas Bradish, baptd

    24. Benjamin Gott, of Stephen & Anne

    Maynard, was baptizd. ____

    June 7. Charles, of Benj. & Martha Fay, baptizd.

    ___  14. Daniel Forbes ^ junr & Persis his wife

    ^ or Forbush,

    offerd Confessions of ye sin of Fornication

    & were restord to Charity.  They, both of

    ym ownd ye Covt & their Children,

    Martha & William, were baptized.

    21. The Lords Supper was administred.


    July 12. Katharine, Ebenezer & Azuba, chil-

    dren of Phinehas & Azuba Gleason, who


    + wife of Benj.  ^ Dauter of Zebulun,