Chh Records.


    Edds Whipple to Set the Tune; and in

    the Tunes which we have been wont to

    Sing in this Congregation.  ____

    NB. These last voted were occasiond by

    Some late Disturbances in or Singing.

    Decr 3. The holy Supper was administd


    ____10. Daniel, of Moses & Persis Warrin, bapt.

      ___24. Francis, of Richard & Eliz. Barns, bapt.

    Memord~ The Same Day a Request was Read to ye Chh

    & Congregation, signed by David Goodenow, in wc

    he represents his low & necessitous Circumstances by

    reason of his own & his Wife’s Sickness &c. and

    asks a Charitable Contribution on Janry 7th next.

    Jan. 14. 1753. Gregorian Style,


    Elisha, of Elijah & Sarah Rice, baptizd.

    Feb. 11.  Zipporah, of Ephm & Mary Bruce, bapt.

    18. Samuel, of Jonas & Lydia and Twitchel, bapt.

    25. Nathan & Lucy Maynard own’d

    the Covt ____  NB After ye Exercise ye Chh was

    stopt and their Advice was askd touchg

    a Second Letter from David Goodenow ^ request

    ^ wc was

    ing a Contribution for him, being hims. and

    read to

    wife greatly reducd ___ The Chh voted it ad-

    ye Chh

    viseable that there be a Contribution for him

    March 4.  The Lords Supper was administred.


    Nathan, of Nathan & Lucy Maynard, Baptizd

    ____ 18. Daniel, of Ebr & Mary Chamberlin, bapt.

    NB. This Day yre was a Contribution for ye Relief of


    Mr David Goodenow.  It amounted to 16£.13S

    for Mr D.

    old Tenr besides


    of broken & doubtfull money.


    April 1. A Letter from ye Chh in Hollistion, dated

    March 26. requesting assistce in Council there

    Council at

    on Apr. 11. on acct of Difficulty from Capt. Jacob Foster,


    (who also signs ye Letter missive) wc yy cannot