__Chh – Records._


    that I have not used effectual Means

    to lay ^ the Affair before Chh when I


    For this I ask Forgiveness”

    The Chh voted Acceptce & he was

    restord to Charity.

    Prayr preceded, & ^ Prayr wth ye Blessing, concluded

    the meeting.

    June 20. The Lords Supper admind


    27. Hannah Whitney+ offered a Con-

    fession of ye Sin of Fornication, wch

    was accepted, & She was restord to


    Charity. She was also admitted into

    full Communion with this Chh.  And

    Thankfull, of Benj. & Lucra Warrin

    was baptizd.

    July 4. Elizabeth, of Hannah Whitney was bapt.

    Aug.1. The Lords Supper was administred.


    8. Joseph, of Joseph Esq. & Marth^a Baker, &

    Lucy, of Elisha & Hannah Forbes, bapt.

    29. Stephen Maynard was admitted into

    full Communion wth the Chh.  and

    Nathan Townsend & Sarah, his wife

    having removd their Dwelling to

    Fitz William, & desird Dismission

    to ye Chh there, their Request was Voted,

    & that they be recommended to yeir Acceptce

    Sept. 12. The Lords Suppr admind


    Sarah, of Abijah & Susanna Gale, bapt.

    as was Samuel, of Paul & Abigail Lampson.

    19. Ephraim, of Jonn & Sarah Forbes, bapt.

    P.m A Contribution for Artemas


    + Daûter of Eleazr Whitney,