__Chh – Records._

    May 31. Anna, of Jonn & Hanh Grout, baptd


    June 14. The Lords Supper was admind &

    Eli, of Elisha & Hannah Forbes, bapt.

    ___  21. Nahum, of Joseph & Ruth Har-

    _rington, was baptizd.

    28, Elisha, of Abijah & Susanna Gale, bapt.

    July 19. The Desires of Francis Whipple Esq.

    and his Wife, ^ they being removd to New Braintry,

    to be dismissd from us to ye Chh there;.

    ___  of Eli Harrington, removd to Alsted,

    to be dismisd to ye Chh in that place; &

    ____ of Sarah, wife of Rev. John Cushing,

    of Ashburnham, to be dismissd to the

    Chh there, were voted, & that they be each

    of ym recommended to those Chhs respectively

    NB This was, at ye Request of ye pastor, trans-

    acted by Rev. Elijah Fitch.


    ______ 26. The Lords Supper was admind

    Mary, the Wife of Joseph Keenes,

    ownd the Covt ____

    Aug. 2. Her Children, Joseph,

    Mary, & Susanna, were baptizd.

    16. Anna, of Danl & Rebec. Stockwell, bapt.

    Ruth Buck, offerd Confessn of breackg

    the Seventh Commandmt and was restord.

    She was also admitted into full Communn

    Sept. 6. Francis Whipple (junr)

    & his Wife (Priscilla), were dismissd &

    Recommended to ye Chh in N. Braintry.


    13. The Lords Supper admind

    Oct. 4. Phinehas, & Joanna, of John

    Forbes; and Lucy, of Isaac & Margery

    Parker, were baptizd.