196. After Voting 10, and hearing said Report


    2ly. Voted whether it be the Minds of the Chh

    Agreeable to Br Daniel Adams Request

    to dismiss him, from this perticular Rela-

    -tion to this Chh. and Recommend Him

    to the Chh of Christ in Hopkinton _____

    passed in the Negative.


    3ly. Voted there be a Committee to draw

    up for Br Daniel Adams in writing

    the Reasons of the Chhs not granting

    his Request of Recommendation dismission

    and Recommendation & present the same to

    the Chh for their Consideration ___  ___

    4ly that the number be Three

    Br Elijah Brigham

    Br Abijah Gale

    Br Joseph Harrington


    5. Voted the latter part of a Report of a Former

    Committee Relative to Persis. Wife of Danll

    Adams be not considered at this Meeting

    but deferred _______

    6. . Voted this Meeting be adjourned

    to Thursday next 20th of March P. M